The Siam 7x Exceeds 5000 Pre-Orders

Siam 7x by CRBT U.S. First Dual Screen phone exceeds 5000 pre-orders months before official launch.

Every year we are treated to the newest additions to the smartphone lineup. Samsung, L.G., Sony, and all the other big brands and manufacturers list absolute cutting edge technical specifications that are immediately taken over by their next flagship that is just a year away from release.

They keep on getting bigger and faster. With advances in screen technology, processor capabilities, graphical output, a bigger RAM, higher mega pixel count with improved auto-focusing capabilities, with the latest Android version to-date.

 New competitors struggle to achieve the same quality in this tight competitive space where the big brands get all the attention, but Siam 7x has bucked that tend. With Pre-orders on the premium device already exceeding 5000, the market couldn’t be more perfect for an innovative experience, and that is what the Siam 7x offers.

While the bigger brands do possess incredible smartphone that are on the bleeding, cutting edge with the latest software version to boot, they have steadily begun to lack emphasis on innovation. The Siam 7x introduces the United States and other markets, for the very first time, to a dual screen smartphone. But the idea goes further, while the front screen is pegged for high resolution and high definition, it is the rear screen that has captured the majority of attention and distinguished the phone from its competitors.

The rear screen on the Siam 7x is an E-ink paper display screen, it mostly shows most imagery and content in black and white and lower refresh rates, but what the E-ink paper display trumps other smartphone displays at, is the complete legible reading and watching experience. Under the sun or any intense lit area will hardly deter anyone from ascertaining the content on their back screens.

What is even more intriguing, is that the screen uses less power compared to other displays and is capable of saving huge amounts of precious battery power that the user may need for calling, texting or browsing. Is the Siam 7x on its way to sure fire success? It's hard to argue against 5000 pre-orders for a first time competitor. 


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