Makers of Americas First Dual Screen Smartphone Siam 7x Introduces Blue Magic Warranty

Stop worrying About your Smartphone Protection! | CRBT launch Blue Magic Warranty and Siam 7x Dual Screen Smartphone November 2015

Smartphones are our daily life need in this modern era! We use our smartphones for daily life multitasking like chatting, calling, web surfing, playing games, using social apps, and much more. They provide you a wide range of features to help you out in your daily work. In short they’ve become necessity of a professional personal. Ranging from low prices to high prices there are smartphones of every type and need. Low prices smartphones comes with less features while costly smartphones comes with unique and latest high end specs and features. They are manufactured to become a virtual assistant to help out a professional in multitasking. But whether it is a costly smartphone with high end specs or less costly smartphone with less features both have chances of malfunctions. Probably the chances of faults in costly smartphones are less but at least they have some chances and we have similar case with less costly phones. They have more chances of faults though!

Besides this our smartphone we use daily is more likely to fall often. According to survey! In US alone a phone breaks every 2 seconds. Figures will be big, if we consider whole world. BLUE Magic Warranty is the best possible solution of your smartphone’s common problems like…

Your smartphone’s battery is dead or your smartphone’s screen is broken or your smartphone got water in it causing malfunctioning or your smartphone’s volume and power buttons are not working or your smartphone got headphone jack problems or your smartphone got charging ports issues! 

While having these problems buying a new smartphone is not a good idea because that will cost you a lot of money and resources, Instead of this get your smartphone fixed in low cost and get your resources saved. Blue Magic mobile warranty provides you best possible fixes for your smartphone’s damage. Blue Magic fixes your phone’s problems not in weeks or days but only in few hours, your smartphone will be as good as it was before damage. Blue Magic warranty saves your precious time and fix your smartphone as fast as possible. You’ll just have to visit our local service provider’s franchise and your smartphone will be fixed on the spot.

Solutions provided by Blue Magic warranty have excellent customer’s reviews and very reasonable price. You can subscribe to Blue Magic mobile warranty by choosing one of subscription package which are really cheap as compared to other mobiles warranty companies. You’ll get unlimited claims after subscribing to Blue Magic mobile warranty. Blue Magic mobile warranty provides you best possible fixes and solutions to your smartphone’s damages in a very reasonable price because they are organized by world’s top advertising corporation, Having a team of professional technical experts working 24/7 to provide you best possible solutions either in advertising or in smartphone’s damages. Be a part of world’s best smartphone insurance company and protect your phone from any future damages without wasting your time.

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