LG Dual Display Disappoints but CRBT's Siam 7x Dual Screen Smartphone Over Acheive

LG announced what was rumored to be a dual screen but disappoints with a dual display.

LG Dual display is not a Dual screen but  the SIAM 7x BRINGS NEW DUAL SCREEN SMARTPHONES TO THE MARKET.

The SIAM PHONE is a dual-screen smartphone from CRBT Inc. that provides personal and business solutions to wireless phone Subscribers, Network Operators, and Advertisers. The CRBT proudly presents Siam Smartphone that is North Americas First dual screen smart phone.  The Siam is featured to make use of the Android OS (operating system). It has been designed to enable the users for multitasking with the dual screen feature.   This phone possesses the processing power that is sure to empower to take the users beyond the horizons of “just talking”.  In today’s fast paced world your phone has become your portable pocket PC.  A smartphone now is expected to provide you with all the must have attributes of GPS directions, or browse the web and watch stock market, all without having to minimize  windows.  The back screen functions to display your favorite images as a screen saver, notes, flight boarding passes and more.  The manufacturers pledge to soon offer much more for the third party apps for gaming and utility on the Android platform.

"LG's Dual Display Is Not a Dual Screen smartphone and doesn't compare CRBT's Siam 7x."

Darius Allen, Founder of CRBT

CRBT is ready to offer Siam 7X for sale on November 27, 2015.  (Black Friday) as an unlocked GSM phone.  Anyone with ATT or T-Mobile Service will be able use the device by inserting their SIM Card.  There will be limited amount available before November but only to those who subscribe to company updates or follow on social media.

About CBRT

CRBT INC. is the chief contributor in the field of reverse Ad Ring Back Tone (AD-RBT) solutions. It provides convention build-outs for North American mobile network operators who wish to realize inert returns and cut out the agitate. This enables the advertisers to reach a world-wide audience through the use of reverse caller ring back tones.

Being already well established in the field CBRT decided to took on the innovative idea of the dual screen in the smartphone production to further aid its users with the speedy modernized technology. SIAM 7x is the fruit of these efforts.


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