CRBT Inc. Announces Its Indiegogo Campaign for the Dual-Screen Siam 7X Smartphone

Built for multitasking, Siam is the U.S.'s first smartphone with two durable screens and will ship in time for holiday shopping

CRBT Inc., a company providing personal and business solutions to wireless phone subscribers, network operators and advertisers, today announces the launch of its Indiegogo fundraising campaign for the Siam 7X, the first smartphone on the North American market to utilize dual-screen technology. The phone, which runs on the Android operating system, transforms the once vacant back side of the phone into a fully-functioning touchscreen to enable multitasking and help extend battery life. CRBT is partnered with SMS Audio, owned by 50-Cent, to bring its cutting-edge headphone technology to Siam owners.

“With the advancement of technology, most creators aim to increase the functioning of a device while decreasing its size. This positive trend may have improved how we communicate, but we now run the risk of running out of technological real estate,” said Darius Allen, CBRT Inc. CEO and Founder. “The Siam 7X was created to maximize space on mobile devices, thus increasing productivity for users. Siam’s dual-screen technology enables users to make calls, display GPS directions, watch the stock market or browse the web without minimizing windows.”

The back screen of Siam functions as a versatile and convenient screensaver, providing an endless possibility of functions, including a way to show off images, lists, boarding passes and more. The phone features dual sim cards, so a single phone can be used for both business and personal uses. The unlocked GSM phone is compatible with most national and international carriers and can be used by anyone with AT&T or T-Mobile service by simply inserting their current SIM card. With the Siam-Smartlease, consumers can even own a Siam without signing a contract with a carrier, while enjoying low payments and accelerated upgrades.

Built to be both durable and secure, Siam’s screens are protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass and are waterproof to prevent damage. Siam offers a lifetime warranty that includes accidental coverage. The phone also features optional earprint biometric security as well as a satellite tracking and kill switch to prevent possible theft or hacking.

The phone also uses 2 omni-directional studio standard speakers so users can enjoy quality sound from both sides of the phone. As an added bonus, Siam owners get first access to music and video releases from its label and artist partners.

Available in the United States, Siam 7X comes with a set of headphones and a phone charger and will be shipping in early December to backers.

Due to a very minor copyright infringement issue with the spelling of the E-Ink display feature, the original crowdfunding campaign was suspended. After quickly resolving the issue, we have relaunched a new campaign. To contribute to the new campaign, view campaign rewards and pre-order the Siam 7X, please visit


About CRBT Inc.

CRBT Inc., a provider of personal and business solutions to wireless phone subscribers, network operators, and advertisers, developed the Siam smartphone, the first cellphone in the North American market featuring dual-screen technology. The Siam smartphone was created to maximize the technological real estate of mobile devices, inside and outside the phone, enabling greater multitasking capabilities and extended battery life. CRBT was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit


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