Industry: Gadget

Founded: 2007

Creators of the Siam Smartphone is North America’s first dual-screen smart phone.  The Siam runs on the Android OS (operating system), and the dual-screen feature allows users to maximize multitasking.  The processing power available in smart phones gives us the ability to do more than just talk, to the point that your phone has become your pc in your pocket.  In our fast-pace lifestyles, smartphone users need the ability to make calls, display GPS directions, watch the stock market or browse the web, all without minimizing windows. 

Unlike every smartphone currently on the market, the back screen of the Siam Smartphone also double as a screensaver to show off your favorite images, notes, flight boarding passes and more – providing an endless possibility of functions with versatility and convenience.   Soon there will be more third-party apps for gaming and utility on the Android platform.